Juan Autrey

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Juan Autrey, is a Detroit native who has launched a start-up beauty brand, J. Autrey Cosmetics. Juan is a healthcare professional turned makeup artist and beauty enthusiast. His  journey from healthcare to beauty is one that he describes as natural.  

Self-taught as a makeup artist, Juan fell in love with the enhancement of makeup. Juan has a strong commitment and willingness to learn. He plans to use that key tool to grow as a makeup artist and entrepreneur. J. Autrey Cosmetics was created because he wanted to create a brand inclusive to not just women of all ethnicities, but inclusive for all people, of all ages, all races, and all sexes. Juan plans to demonstrate this diversity through the imagery of J. Autrey Cosmetics. 

J. Autrey Cosmetics was born to celebrate and embrace diversity and individuality. He hated traditional beauty campaigns and their limited approach of beauty. “Everyone deserves to have representation. Without it, there is someone left seeking validation” he says. His goal is to empower people everywhere to be confident in their own skin, by embracing their true selves. 

Juan plans to take the beauty world by storm through innovation, integrity and passion.